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Prestige Home Construction's Professional Insurance Claims Specialists are trained to assist all of our Clients through the navigation of the claims process. 

A simple free exterior/interior property inspection of exterior and interior by our trained professional staff will enable us to determine if any damage occurred. Exterior damage can lead to more severe problems from moisture leakage. It is the homeowners responsibility to mitigate the loss per their insurance policy. Any storm damage must be brought to the insurance company's attention within one year.  Of the quality jobs completed by Prestige Home Construction insurance paid for all of this work with little to no expense to the homeowners while increasing property value. The homeowners are responsible for only their deductible! 

We also offer all your needs when it comes to your heating and cooling issues, our trained and licensed staff will come and assist and provide quotes and guidance as to what is needed, our staff uses only the top of the line Carrier products and materials. 

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